, Volume 64, Issue 4-5, pp 493-500
Date: 01 Dec 2011

Fabrication and Testing of Slurry Pot Erosion Tester

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Slurry pot erosion tester is a simple and inexpensive test rig which can provide a rapid ranking of the erosion resistance for different materials. The fabrication of modified slurry pot erosion tester has been reported here. The present slurry pot erosion tester facilitates to handle large cylindrical and flat samples. It also allows using slurry with variety in its volume, and concentration and particle size of sand. The much needed uniform distribution of solid particles along the vertical section of the slurry is controlled by the speed of the stirrer. In the present investigation, the effect of stirrer speed on the distribution of sand particles inside the slurry pot is studied for variety of slurry. The optimum stirrer speed for uniform distribution of 300 μ sand particles over the vertical cross section in slurry of 10% concentration and 20 l volume comes out to be 850 rpm. The erosion behaviour of mild steel was also studied to ensure suitability of the device for determination of erosive wear.