, Volume 2, Issue 1-4, pp 75-83
Date: 02 Jul 2011

An experimental demonstration of Network Coding for satellite networks

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While Network Coding has been extensively studied from a theoretical point of view, the number of practical implementations is still very limited. We have performed an actual demonstration of this technique in a real satellite network, where Network Coding was applied on the streams of a videoconference between two terminals. The design challenges are analyzed along with the main ideas that enabled the proposed protocol to achieve more than 90% of the theoretical gains.

This work was supported in part by the Raumfahrt-Agentur of the German Aerospace Center and the German Ministry for Economy and Technology under the Contract 50 YB 0905. The authors want to thank the German Space Operations Center (GSOC) and the colleagues at the Institute for Communications and Navigation for their support in the development of this demonstration.
This paper is based on a presentation at the German Aerospace Congress, September 27–29, 2011, Bremen, Germany.