, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp 307-314
Date: 03 Jan 2014

Profiles of marine notches in the Baron coastal area—Indonesia

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Coastal wave erosion along the arid karst region of southern Java, Indonesia has produced residual landforms such as cliffs and marine notches. The aims of our study were (1) to create profiles of marine notches in the Baron coastal area, Yogyakarta Province and (2) to explain the evolution process of marine notches in the research area. Field measurements using a laser distance meter produced profiles of three marine notches; one profile of a double notch formation was identified at a location farthest from the shoreline and two profiles of a single notch formation were identified closer to the shoreline. The vertical positions of the two single-notch formations are at the same elevation, while the double-notch formation is at a lower elevation. Several joints and displacements in the limestone material generated by an uplifting process are believed to be the main cause of this unconformity.