, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp 1-15
Date: 11 Jan 2012

Conventional and Alternative Methods for Tomato Peeling

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Peeling is one of the most important unit operations in tomato processing. Most recently, three novel tomato peeling methods were reported: infrared, ohmic heating and power ultrasound. Steam/hot water and lye peeling have been the most commercialized methods, but compared to steam peeling, lye peeling is more preferred and has gained widespread application among processors due to its association with higher product yields and better product quality. However, with the ever-tightening environmental protection laws, concerns have arisen in the recent years regarding lye usage as well as its disposal, which calls for alternative chemical-free peeling methods that can effectively peel the tomato while minimizing peeling losses and improving product quality. This review highlights the conventional methods used in tomato peeling, their efficacy and the potential applications of infrared, ohmic heating and power ultrasonics as a novel technology for tomato peeling.