, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp 245-250
Date: 24 Feb 2013

RAPD, SCAR and conserved 18S rDNA markers for a red-listed and endemic medicinal plant species, Knema andamanica (Myristicaceae )

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Knema andamanica is a red-listed endemic medicinal species of Myristicaceae restricted to Andaman and Nicobar (A&N) Islands, India. This species is used in tribal medicines and has immense bioprospective potential. With a view to generate suitable genomic markers for classification and identification, we have generated RAPD, SCAR and conserved 18S rDNA markers from K. andamanica. A unique 585 bp fragment, that distinguished it from seven other related species of Myristicaceae was first amplified using the random primer OPE 06 and converted to SCAR marker (GenBank accession # JN228256). The conserved sequences of 18S rDNA loci from K. andamanica were also amplified and sequenced (GenBank accession #JN228265). The sequence revealed deviations including 18 variable regions and 15 indels that were unique to K. andamanica. These markers can help in definite identification of K. andamanica even at the juvenile stages.