, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp 365-368
Date: 20 Dec 2008

Influence of pranayamas and yoga-asanas on serum insulin, blood glucose and lipid profile in type 2 diabetes

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A distinguishable feature of type 2 diabetes besides hyperglycemia and deranged lipid profile is an impaired insulin secretion, peripheral insulin resistance and obesity which has become a major health concern worldwide. India with an estimated 31million diabetics in 2000 and 79mllions by the yr 2030 has the highest number of type 2 diabetics in the world. In this study, we aimed to see if yoga-asanas and pranayamas have any influence in modifying certain biochemical parameters. Sixty patients of uncomplicated type 2 diabetes (age 35–60 yrs of 1–10 yrs duration) were divided into two groups: Group 1 (n=30): performed yoga along with the conventional hypoglycemic medicines and group 2 (n=30): patients who only received conventional medicines. Duration of the study was 45 days. Basal recordings of blood glucose (fasting and post-prandial), lipid profile and serum insulin were taken at the time of recruitment and the second reading after forty five days. Results showed a significant improvement in all the biochemical parameters in group 1 while group 2 showed significant improvement in only few parameters, thus suggesting a beneficial effect of yoga regimen on these parameters in diabetic patients.