, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp 67-72
Date: 20 Sep 2013

Steam-bending properties of seven poplar hybrid clones

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The steam-bending behavior of seven poplar hybrid clones from three growing sites was evaluated on kiln-dried specimens following two types of drying, an elevated-temperature and conventional schedule. The bending quality was assessed using quantitative and qualitative methods. In general, the poplar hybrid clones have poor steam-bending properties. The proportions of excellent pieces was low (13 %) compared to red oak (100 %), which was included as a reference for its excellent bending properties. Poplar specimens also showed a great memory effect and poor surface quality after bending. Among the parameters studied, only the clones showed a significant effect on bending properties. Hence, a clone selection could be done for bending improvement but it may be of minor significance.