Nano Research

, Volume 3, Issue 8, pp 574-580

Nanocrystalline intermetallics and alloys


  • Dingsheng Wang
    • Department of ChemistryTsinghua University
  • Qing Peng
    • Department of ChemistryTsinghua University
    • Department of ChemistryTsinghua University

DOI: 10.1007/s12274-010-0018-4


Nanocrystalline intermetallics and alloys are novel materials with high surface areas which are potential low-cost and high-performance catalysts. Here, we report a general approach to the synthesis of a large variety of nanocrystalline intermetallics and alloys with controllable composition, size, and morphology: these include Au-, Pd-, Pt-, Ir-, Ru-, and Rh-based bi- or tri-metallic nanocrystals. We find that only those intermetallics and alloys whose effective electronegativity is larger than a critical value (1.93) can be prepared by co-reduction in our synthetic system. Our methodology provides a simple and convenient route to a variety of intermetallic and alloyed nanomaterials which are promising candidates for catalysts for reactions such as methanol oxidation, hydroformylation, the Suzuki reaction, cyclohexene hydroconversion, and the selective hydrogenation of acetylene.


Intermetallics alloys nanocrystals controllable synthesis catalysts

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