, Volume 2, Issue 11, pp 857-864,
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Date: 11 Nov 2009

Water-controlled synthesis of low-dimensional molecular crystals and the fabrication of a new water and moisture indicator


Arrays of low-dimensional molecular crystals of square columns (1-D) and nanolamellae (2-D) of Zn[TCNQ]2(H2O)2 with large areas (up to 10 20 cm2) have been synthesized by controlled addition of water to Zn and TCNQ. Based on the ability to accurately control the reaction, a new moisture and water indicator has been developed. The simple method, the large areas of material prepared, the fine size tuning, and the typical semiconductor behavior of the resulting low-dimensional molecular materials promise applications in molecular electronics as well as nanoelectronics. The system is an effective indicator for the detection of traces of water and moisture.