, Volume 58, Issue 4, pp 283-289
Date: 16 Nov 2012

Effects of microbial elicitor on production of hypocrellin by Shiraia bambusicola

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Some endophyte isolates were isolated in a bamboo pole sample parasitized the fungus Shiraia bambusicola from Zhejiang Province. After screening through hypocrellin bacteriostatic effect and fermentation test, we got the isolate TX4 of bacterial elicitor and GZUIFR-TT1 of fungal elicitor which had certain effect to promote S. bambusicola to produce hypocrellin. The Plackett–Burman design was introduced to evaluate the effects of nine factors based on single-factor test. Yeast extract, glucose, and isolate GZUIFR-TT1 elicitor were found to be the critical activity factors for increasing the total hypocrellin production. So we identified the isolate GZUIFR-TT1 as Trametes sp. Through response surface methodology, we obtained the optimum production conditions as follows: yeast extract, 2.99 g/L; glucose, 32.45 g/L; and Trametes sp. elicitor, 81.40 μg/mL. Under the above conditions, the experimental value of hypocrellin production was 102.60 mg/L, compared with the control it increased about 7.90 times.