, Volume 97, Issue 1, pp 1-2
Date: 10 Jan 2013

Guest editorial: recent advances in the genetic basis of childhood hemato-oncological diseases

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Recent advances in molecular biology brought on by rapid progress in the development of techniques for genetic and epigenetic analyses have ushered in a new era for discoveries relating to the genetic basis of childhood hemato-oncological diseases. A growing body of evidence indicates that inherited genetic traits may contribute substantially to the development of these diseases, including childhood leukemia. These traits can range from predisposing highly penetrant mutations to low-penetrant genetic polymorphisms. In this review series, four investigators and their colleagues were invited to introduce and discuss recent progress in gaining a deeper understanding of the genetic basis of childhood leukemia/cancer, as well as bone marrow failure syndromes.

Leukemia is the most common cancer in children and is characterized by the dysregulated proliferation of clonally expanded immature hematopoietic stem or progenitor cells that have undergone transformation through alterations within onc ...