Review Paper

Acta Analytica

, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp 335-344

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More Trouble for Direct Source Incompatibilism: Reply to Yang

  • Charles HermesAffiliated withDepartment of Philosophy and Humanities, University of Texas at Arlington
  • , Joe CampbellAffiliated withPolitics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs, Washington State University Email author 

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Direct source incompatibilism (DSI) is the conjunction of two claims: SI-F: there are genuine Frankfurt-style counterexamples (FSCs); SI-D: there is a sound version of the direct argument (DA). Eric Yang (2012) responds to a recent criticism of DSI (Campbell 2006). We show that Yang misses the mark. One can accept Yang’s criticisms and get the same result: there is a deep tension between FSCs and DA, between SI-F and SI-D. Thus, DSI is untenable. In this essay, we use an important yet overlooked distinction between truthmakers and determiners to help drive this point home.


The direct argument Frankfurt-style counterexamples Moral responsibility Source incompatibilism Truthmakers