, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp 115-116
Date: 20 Nov 2012

Erratum to: NMR resonance assignment of DnaE intein from Nostoc punctiforme

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Erratum to: Biomol NMR Assign DOI 10.1007/s12104-008-9137-1

There was an error in labeling of “N131” in the [1H,15N]-HSQC spectrum (Fig. 1). The corrected Fig. 1 is presented in this article. The third author’s name is also included after reassessment of the contributions. The corrected author list is given in this article.Fig. 1

Two-dimensional [1H,15N]-HSQC spectrum of 2 mM single chain NpuDnaE intein in 10 mM sodium phosphate buffer at pH 6.0 at 298 K. The spectrum was recorded at 1H frequency of 600 MHz. A total of 100 (ω1) × 683 (ω2) complex points were collected for this spectrum, with t1,max = 18.2 ms, t2,max = 32.0 ms. The assignments are indicated by the number and one character codes for 20 amino acids. The side-chain resonances are marked by sc. The side-chain amide groups of asparagines and glutamines are connected by horizontal lines

The online version of the original article can be found under doi:10.1007/s12104-008-9137-1.
The online version of the original article can be found at http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s12104-008-9137-1.