, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp 287-288
Date: 10 May 2012

Expert Commentary–Unusual Headache Syndromes

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There is no disease so rare

that it does not deserve attention.

Rare diseases are rare,

but rare disease patients are numerous [1].

Headache medicine may be an arduous field. While identifying and treating common headache disorders is often not difficult, so many medical conditions may present with headache as the first or chief complaint that the differential diagnosis of patients with headache may be overwhelming [2].

The most common headache syndromes are primary headaches. They typically do not impose major diagnostic challenges, although they are not always easy to treat. In the primary headaches, headache is the “disease” itself. Failure to identify and to properly treat a primary headache will cause unnecessary burden to the patient [36]. As for the secondary headaches, the headaches are the symptom of another disease. The situation is very different. Failure to identify a secondary disease may represent a very ominous situation. Not only may the patient face unnecessary suffering, ...