Current Osteoporosis Reports

, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp 348–353

National Bone Health Alliance: An Innovative Public-Private Partnership Improving America’s Bone Health


  • David B. Lee
    • National Bone Health Alliance
  • Mia Rochelle Lowden
    • National Bone Health Alliance
  • Valerie Patmintra
    • National Bone Health Alliance
    • National Bone Health Alliance
Quality of Care in Osteoporosis (SL Silverman, Section Editor)

DOI: 10.1007/s11914-013-0159-y

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Lee, D.B., Lowden, M.R., Patmintra, V. et al. Curr Osteoporos Rep (2013) 11: 348. doi:10.1007/s11914-013-0159-y


The U.S. National Bone Health Alliance (NBHA) is a public-private partnership launched in 2010 that brings together its 56 partners from the government, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors to collectively promote bone health and prevent disease; improve bone disease diagnosis and treatment; and enhance bone research, surveillance, and evaluation. NBHA is driven to achieve its 20/20 vision to reduce fractures 20 % by the year 2020 through projects including 2Million2Many, an osteoporosis awareness campaign; Fracture Prevention CENTRAL, an online resource center providing support to sites interested in launching a secondary fracture prevention program; bone turnover marker standardization project; and working groups in rare bone disease and the clinical diagnosis of osteoporosis. NBHA provides a platform to coordinate messaging among individuals and organizations on subjects important to bone health; pool funding and efforts around shared priorities; and work together towards the goals and recommendations of the National Action Plan on Bone Health.


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