, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 25-30
Date: 06 Dec 2012

Update on the Angiotensin AT2 Receptor

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It is quite well established that activation of the AT2 receptor (AT2R) provides a counter-regulatory role to AT1R overactivity, particularly during pathological conditions. Indeed, a potential therapeutic role for the AT2R is currently being promulgated with the introduction of novel AT2R ligands such as compound 21 (C21). In this brief review, we will focus on recent evidence to suggest that AT2R exhibits promising organ protection in the context of the heart, kidney and brain, with inflammation and gender influencing outcome. However, this field is not without controversy since the ‘flagship’ ligand C21 has also come under scrutiny, although it is safe to say there is much evidence to support a potentially important role of AT2R in a number of cardiovascular diseases. This report updates recent data in this field.