, Volume 66, Issue 2, pp 277-290
Date: 10 Jan 2014

Dynamic Behavior of a Rare-Earth-Containing Mg Alloy, WE43B-T5, Plate with Comparison to Conventional Alloy, AM30-F

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The dynamic behavior of Mg alloys is an area of interest for applications such as crash-sensitive automotive components and armor. The rare-earth element-containing alloy WE43B-T5 has performed well in ballistic testing, so the quasi-static (~10−3 1/s) and dynamic (~600–5000 1/s) mechanical behaviors of two Mg alloys, rolled WE43B-T5 and extruded AM30-F, were investigated using servohydraulic and Kolsky bar testing in uniaxial tension and compression. The yield stress was surprisingly isotropic for WE43B-T5 relative to conventional Mg alloys (including extruded AM30-F). The WE43B plate was textured; however, it was not the typical basal texture of hot-rolled Mg-Al alloys. The effect of strain rate on the yield strength of WE43B-T5 is small and the strain-hardening behavior is only mildly rate sensitive (m = 0.008). The combination of high strength (~300 MPa), moderate ductility (0.07–0.20), and low density yield a material with good specific energy absorption capacity.