, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 415-425
Date: 23 Nov 2012

Some Reflections on Self, History, and Archaeology

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It is unusual to have to discuss the work of one’s friends in public, particularly if it is as wide in scope as the chapters in this issue. I’d be accused of nepotism if I applaud too loudly and I‘d be accused of meanness and lose friends, if I praise them too faintly. Thus, I will refrain from writing in detail about the articles, except indirectly. It’s as awkward to talk about yourself in public, but I guess I cannot avoid that given the title of the volume. In what follows I will reflect a bit on how agents are presented in the history of archeology and then I will excavate myself in a kind of partial auto-ethnography or auto-excavation. Finally, I will write a bit about the community these papers constitute and of which they are an outflow.

How should one then write about an individual such as H. Martin Wobst, his inputs and outputs, the contexts, events, institutions that he moved through, the people that were important to him, and that he might have been important to, and his fai ...