, Volume 5, Issue 6, pp 1039-1044,
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Date: 16 Apr 2010

Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Nearly Monodisperse CoFe2 O4 Nanoparticles Through a Simple Hydrothermal Condition


Nearly monodisperse cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) nanoparticles without any size-selection process have been prepared through an alluring method in an oleylamine/ethanol/water system. Well-defined nanospheres with an average size of 5.5 nm have been synthesized using metal chloride as the law materials and oleic amine as the capping agent, through a general liquid–solid-solution (LSS) process. Magnetic measurement indicates that the particles exhibit a very high coercivity at 10 K and perform superparamagnetism at room temperature which is further illuminated by ZFC/FC curves. These superparamagnetic cobalt ferrite nanomaterials are considered to have potential application in the fields of biomedicine. The synthesis method is possible to be a general approach for the preparation of other pure binary and ternary compounds.