, Volume 5, Issue 3, p 453,
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Date: 13 Mar 2010

Nanoscale Science and Technology for Electronics, Photonics and Renewable Energy Applications: Selected Papers from NGC2009 & CSTC2009 conference (http://asdn.net/ngc2009/)

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Information (electronic and photonic) and renewable energy (solar energy, fuel cells, batteries, etc.) technologies have reached an advanced stage in their developmentā€”realizing engineering limits in cost-effective improvement for current technological approaches. The feature sizes of the latest generations of electronic devices are approaching atomic dimensions, interconnect bottlenecks are limiting circuit speeds, new materials are being introduced into microelectronics manufacture at an unprecedented rate, and alternative technologies to mainstream CMOS are being considered. The low cost of conventional fossil fuel sources without regard to the environmental impact resulting from the consumption of such energy sources has been long-standing economic barriers to the development of alternative and more efficient renewable energy sources, fuel cells and batteries. Nanotechnology is widely accepted as offering potential solutions for securing future progress in information and energy te ...