, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp 448-452,
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Date: 28 Nov 2009

Influence of Uniaxial Tensile Stress on the Mechanical and Piezoelectric Properties of Short-period Ferroelectric Superlattice


Tetragonal ferroelectric/ferroelectric \(\hbox{BaTiO}_3/\hbox{PbTiO}_3\) superlattice under uniaxial tensile stress along the c axis is investigated from first principles. We show that the calculated ideal tensile strength is 6.85 GPa and that the superlattice under the loading of uniaxial tensile stress becomes soft along the nonpolar axes. We also find that the appropriately applied uniaxial tensile stress can significantly enhance the piezoelectricity for the superlattice, with piezoelectric coefficient d 33 increasing from the ground state value by a factor of about 8, reaching 678.42 pC/N. The underlying mechanism for the enhancement of piezoelectricity is discussed.