, Volume 4, Issue 7, pp 689-693,
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Date: 05 Apr 2009

Effect of Interfacial Bonds on the Morphology of InAs QDs Grown on GaAs (311) B and (100) Substrates


The morphology and transition thickness (t c) for InAs quantum dots (QDs) grown on GaAs (311) B and (100) substrates were investigated. The morphology varies with the composition of buffer layer and substrate orientation. And t c decreased when the thin InGaAs was used as a buffer layer instead of the GaAs layer on (311) B substrates. For InAs/(In)GaAs QDs grown on high miller index surfaces, both the morphology and t c can be influenced by the interfacial bonds configuration. This indicates that buffer layer design with appropriate interfacial bonds provides an approach to adjust the morphologies of QDs grown on high miller surfaces.