, Volume 36, Issue 8, pp 1013-1020
Date: 06 Jul 2007

Component Overpressure Growth and Characterization of High-Resistivity CdTe Crystals for Radiation Detectors

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Spectrometer-grade CdTe single crystals with resistivities higher than 109 Ω cm have been grown by the modified Bridgman method using zone-refined precursor materials (Cd and Te) under a Cd overpressure. The grown CdTe crystals had good charge-transport properties (μτ e = 2 × 10−3 cm2 V−1, μτ h = 8 × 10−5 cm2 V−1) and significantly reduced Te precipitates compared with crystals grown without Cd overpressure. The crystal growth conditions for the Bridgman system were optimized by computer modeling and simulation, using modified MASTRAPP program, and applied to crystal diameters of 14 mm (0.55′′), 38 mm (1.5′′), and 76 mm (3′′). Details of the CdTe crystal growth operation, structural, electrical, and optical characterization measurements, detector fabrication, and testing using 241Am (60 keV) and 137Cs (662 keV) sources are presented.