, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 28-35

Effects of closing mountain for forest restoration in the watershed of Miyun reservoir, Beijing

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The paper provides a systematical analysis of ecological restoration effects of natural secondary forest of closure area in Chao Guanxi Gou, Miyun County, Beijing. The results indicate that through more than twenty years of hillclosing afforestation since 1983, canopy closure has improved almost by 0.2; forest cover rate has raised from 7.2% to 93.8%; biodiversity, tree biomass and vegetation community have increased to a great extent. Compared with the average canopy closure before hillclosing afforestation in this area, it has improved to over 0.4 in average and increased by 0.1-0.2. The forest coverage degree has reached more than 90%. Consequently, the forest plays more important roles in intercepting precipitation, improving water storage capacity of soil, decreasing the surface runoff, and preventing soil and water loss.

[Supported by “Tenth Five-Year Plan” National Key Projects in Science and Technology (Grant No.2001BA510B02-02)]