Journal of Thermal Science

, Volume 22, Issue 3, pp 234-241

First online:

Three-dimensional numerical study on thermal performance of a super large natural draft cooling tower of 220m height

  • Tai JinAffiliated withState Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization (Zhejiang University)
  • , Li ZhangAffiliated withHunan Electric Power Design Institute
  • , Kun LuoAffiliated withState Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization (Zhejiang University)
  • , Jianren FanAffiliated withState Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization (Zhejiang University)

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Based on the heat and mass transfer theory and the characteristics of general-purpose software FLUENT, a three-dimensional numerical simulation platform, composed of lots of user defined functions(UDF), has been developed to simulate the thermal performance of natural draft wet cooling towers(NDWCTs). After validation, this platform is used to analyse thermal performances of a 220m high super large cooling tower designed for inland nuclear plant under different operational conditions. Variations of outlet temperature of the cooling tower caused by changes of water flow rates, inlet water temperatures are investigated. Effects of optimization through non-uniform water distributions on outlet water temperature are discussed, and the influences on the flow field inside the cooling tower are analyzed in detail. It is found that the outlet water temperature will increase as the water flow rate increases, but the air flow rate will decrease. The outlet water temperature will decrease 0.095K and 0.205K, respectively, if two non-uniform water distribution approaches are applied.


Super Large Natural Draft Wet Cooling Tower Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation Thermal Performance Non-uniform Water Distribution