Date: 13 Apr 2011

Characterization of flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus ) FoxD3 and its function in regulating myogenic regulatory factors

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As one member of winged helix domain transcription factors, FoxD3 plays an important role in the regulation of neural crest development and maintenance of mammalian stem cell lineages. A recent study showed that zebrafish FoxD3 is a downstream gene of Pax3 and can mediate the expression of Myf5. To further understand the function of FoxD3 in fish muscle development, we isolated the FoxD3 gene from flounder, and analyzed its expression pattern and function in regulating myogenic regulatory factors, MyoD and Myf5. In situ hybridization showed that flounder FoxD3 was firstly detected in the premigratory neural crest cells at 90% epiboly stage. The FoxD3 was expressed not only in neural crest cells but also in somite cells that will form muscle in the future. When flounder FoxD3 was over-expressed in zebrafish by microinjection, the expressions of zebrafish Myf5 and MyoD were both affected. It is possible that FoxD3 is involved in myogenesis by regulating the expression of Myf5 and MyoD. Also, over-expression of flounder FoxD3 in zebrafish inhibits the expression of zebrafish endogenic FoxD3.