, Volume 27, Issue 6, pp 615-617
Date: 11 Feb 2012

Is It Time for a Blood Pressure Measurement “Bundle”?

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The poor reliability of clinic-based blood pressure (BP) measurements is not news to any practicing primary care provider (PCP). Many studies have documented significant differences between BP values measured in the context of a clinic visit, a research study, at home, and using ambulatory monitors.13 For this very reason, some PCPs habitually repeat the BP measurements provided by their staff, something they wouldn’t necessarily consider for more reliable primary care measures like a patient’s body weight.

The study by Ray and colleagues in this issue of JGIM adds to the literature about the reliability of clinic-based BP measurements in a number of ways.4 First, the authors explore the magnitude of the differences between two BP values independently measured on 40 of their hypertensive patients - one measured by clinical staff at triage, and the other by research assistants using BP measurement methods recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA).5 Second, the authors use trai ...