, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp 485-488,
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Date: 29 Mar 2008

Development of a Web-based Resident Profiling Tool to Support Training in Practice-based Learning and Improvement


Multiple factors are driving residency programs to explicitly address practice-based learning and improvement (PBLI), yet few information systems exist to facilitate such training. We developed, implemented, and evaluated a Web-based tool that provides Internal Medicine residents at the University of Virginia Health System with population-based reports about their ambulatory clinical experiences. Residents use Systems and Practice Analysis for Resident Competencies (SPARC) to identify potential areas for practice improvement. Thirty-three (65%) of 51 residents completed a survey assessing SPARC’s usefulness, with 94% agreeing that it was a useful educational tool. Twenty-six residents (51%) completed a before–after study indicating increased agreement (5-point Likert scale, with 5=strongly agree) with statements regarding confidence in ability to access population-based data about chronic disease management (mean [SD] 2.5 [1.2] vs. 4.5 [0.5], p < .001, sign test) and information comparing their practice style to that of their peers (2.2 [1.2] vs. 4.6 [0.5], p < .001).