, Volume 13, Issue 7, pp 1392-1394
Date: 31 May 2008

Mechanical Bowel Preparation for Elective Colorectal Surgery: Is it Enough?

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Dear editor,

We recently read with great interest the article of Dr. Peppas and colleagues and strongly favour their approach and concerns about the mechanical bowel preparation of colorectal patients (MBP).1 In order to give our contribution to the discussion, we would like to focus on some issues that still need to be answered about this time-honoured procedure.

To date, 12 randomised controlled trials (RCT) are present in the literature including 4,919 patients (2,463 in the MBP group and 2,456 in the non-MBP group).213 The overall analysis of the main outcome measures shows that no parameter reaches the statistical significance between MBP vs. non-MBP patients (Table 1).The only exception is represented by the occurrence of cardiac events (acute myocardial infarctions, atrial fibrillations, heart failures, angina pectoris) that seem decreased in the non-MBP group (Table 1). The reasons for this influence could lie in the well-known effects of MBP on body fluids (dehydration) and ele ...

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