, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 49-56,
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Date: 05 Apr 2011

Trustworthy Nanotechnology: Risk, Engagement and Responsibility

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The papers in this special edition are based on contributions to the symposium “Trustworthy nanotechnology” in Trondheim, Norway in June 2010. This symposium was initiated by the research project NANOTRUST,

This project should not be confused with its Austrian namesake, starting at the same time, which has a more specific risk-research agenda: http://www.nanotrust.ac.at/

funded by the Research Council of Norway’s Programme for nanotechnology and new materials. The motivation for the project was a realization that the question of trust in nanotechnology has been raised at a stage when the material, conceptual and social body of nanotechnology has been in its infancy. As trust or distrust in social and technological systems generally is based in previous experiences with these systems, nanotechnology raises new conceptual and social challenges. A number of public engagement exercises and research projects on the societal aspects of nanotechnology have, due to the relative nove ...