, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 73-74
Date: 19 Mar 2009

Nanoscale: Issues and Perspectives for the Nano Century. Edited by Nigel M. de S. Cameron and M. Ellen Mitchell

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OPNaC. Optimism, pessimism, need and confusion. Most people familiar with commentaries on nanotechnology will be familiar with these feelings. Just as nanotechnology promises us a better future, so to we are often told that the future offered by nanotechnology will be bleak or downright morally wrong. So to, it seems that we need to regulate nanotechnology to produce the best outcome for concerned stakeholders, but there seems little agreement on how best to regulate its development, or if we can control it. This new collection on nanotechnology, Nanoscale: Issues And Perspectives For The Nano Century is no exception. Reading Nanoscale, I found myself hopeful, scared, frustrated and confused. Yet, this is no fault of the book itself, rather it is a strength. Given the diversity of topics covered, and the depth and detail that some of these chapters go into, Nanoscale is certainly a worthy collection for those wishing to explore the various issues and those seeking an in depth resource ...