Original Article

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology

, Volume 72, Issue 5, pp 1192-1207

First online:

Global Stability for Delay SIR and SEIR Epidemic Models with Nonlinear Incidence Rate

  • Gang HuangAffiliated withGraduate School of Science and Technology, Shizuoka University
  • , Yasuhiro TakeuchiAffiliated withGraduate School of Science and Technology, Shizuoka University Email author 
  • , Wanbiao MaAffiliated withDepartment of Mathematics and Mechanics, School of Applied Science, University of Science and Technology Beijing
  • , Daijun WeiAffiliated withDepartment of Mathematics, Hubei University for Nationalities

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In this paper, based on SIR and SEIR epidemic models with a general nonlinear incidence rate, we incorporate time delays into the ordinary differential equation models. In particular, we consider two delay differential equation models in which delays are caused (i) by the latency of the infection in a vector, and (ii) by the latent period in an infected host. By constructing suitable Lyapunov functionals and using the Lyapunov–LaSalle invariance principle, we prove the global stability of the endemic equilibrium and the disease-free equilibrium for time delays of any length in each model. Our results show that the global properties of equilibria also only depend on the basic reproductive number and that the latent period in a vector does not affect the stability, but the latent period in an infected host plays a positive role to control disease development.

Nonlinear incidence rate Time delay Lyapunov functional Global stability