, Volume 7, Issue 6, pp 637-646
Date: 12 Nov 2012

A brief review of antimatter production

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In this article, we present a brief review of the discoveries of kinds of antimatter particles, including positron (\( \bar e \)), antiproton (\( \bar p \)), antideuteron (\( \bar d \)) and antihelium-3 (\( ^3 \overline {He} \)). Special emphasis is put on the discovery of the antihypertriton(\( \frac{3} {\Lambda }\overline H \)) and antihelium-4 nucleus (\( ^4 \overline {He} \), or \( \bar \alpha \)) which were reported by the RHIC-STAR experiment very recently. In addition, brief discussions about the effort to search for antinuclei in cosmic rays and study of the longtime confinement of the simplest antimatter atom, antihydrogen are also given. Moreover, the production mechanism of anti-light nuclei is introduced.