, Volume 57, Issue 3, pp 393-399
Date: 22 Jan 2014

Solute redistribution profiles during rapid solidification of undercooled ternary Co-Cu-Pb alloy

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The solute redistribution and phase separation of liquid ternary Co-35%Cu-32.5%Pb immiscible alloy have been investigated using glass fluxing method. A bulk undercooling of 125 K was achieved and the macrosegregation pattern was characterized by a top Co-rich zone and a bottom Cu-rich zone. The average solute contents of the two separated zones decreased with the increase of undercooling, except for the solute Pb in Cu-rich zone. With the enhancement of undercooling, a morphological transition from dendrites into equaxied grains occurred to the primary α(Co) phase in Co-rich zone. The solute redistribution of Cu in primary α(Co) phase was found to depend upon both the undercooling and composition of Co-rich zone. Stokes migration is shown to be the main dynamic mechanism of droplet movement during liquid phase separation.