, Volume 52, Issue 10, pp 2831-2839
Date: 12 Sep 2009

Research on critical technology of micro/nano bioparticles manipulation platform based on light-induced dielectrophoresis

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On the basis of the research on the status and problems of micro/nano bio-particles manipulation using dielectrophoresis, the theoretical basis and the model simulation of micro/nano bio-particles manipulation using light-induced dielectrophoresis were discussed. The space distribution of electric field and dielectrophoresis forces in different heights were also obtained. On this basis, the core component of the micro manipulation system, that is, photoconductive layer of the chip, was completed in the material selection, fabricating process and performance analysis testing. Then the voltage drop of the suspension and the effective voltage frequency spectrum were obtained. Finally, by combining the machine vision detection with real-time tracking system, the micro/nano bio-particles manipulation platform based on the light-induced dielectrophoreisis was established, and then the manipulations for micro/nano bio-particles, such as quick collection, transport, separation, were implemented. This provided a basis for rapid, accurate, and low-cost detection of serious diseases based on the micro-fluidic biochip and early diagnosis.