, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 755-758
Date: 09 Oct 2013

Toward Latin@ revisionings of decolonizing Western science and math

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It is important that the reader understands that not only René and I, but each author in this series, have a unique set of circumstances that represent a dialectic relationship between themselves—each author in this series and you, the reader. Some may say, “Well, of course, that is obvious!” But how does this apparent dialectic manifest itself in education research? The uniqueness of an individual, and zer/her/his unearthing the complexity of teaching and learning, is not necessarily a trademark of education research. We would argue that clumping students for the sake of large data sets is the norm and that when one amasses actors in education, the norm is also to lose the individual. What we have tried to do in this special issue through all of the authors is to champion the value of diversity in research perspectives that honors the plurality of our subjects. In other words, we decry the use of any methodology that forsakes identity for the sake of persuasion. The methodological cha ...