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, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 235–238

Functional and Emotional Results Differ After Aseptic vs Septic Revision Hip Arthroplasty


    • Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Michael B. Cross
    • Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Denis Nam
    • Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Tobias Kluthe
    • Department of OrthopaedicsMünster University Hospital
  • Miriam Schulte
    • Department of OrthopaedicsMünster University Hospital
  • Christian Goetze
    • Department of OrthopaedicsMünster University Hospital
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DOI: 10.1007/s11420-011-9211-6

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Boettner, F., Cross, M.B., Nam, D. et al. HSS Jrnl (2011) 7: 235. doi:10.1007/s11420-011-9211-6



It is widely believed that a deep implant infection leads to poor functional and emotional outcomes following total hip arthroplasty.


The purpose of this retrospective comparative review was to determine if patients who undergo two-stage, septic revision hip arthroplasty will have decreased emotional and general health scores, in addition to decreased function, compared to the aseptic revision group.

Patients and Methods

One hundred forty-five of 195 patients who underwent aseptic total hip revision for aseptic loosening (mean follow-up = 61 months) and 45 of 73 patients who underwent two-stage, septic revision hip arthroplasty (mean follow-up = 48 months) met the inclusion criteria and had a technically successful outcome. All patients were retrospectively evaluated using Harris Hip Scores (HHS), ad hoc questions, and the SF-36 Health Survey.


The average HHS were 73.2 ± 20.5 (aseptic) and 57.4 ± 20.6 (septic). Significant differences in the SF-36 Health Survey were found between the two groups in: physical functioning (p = 0.026) and role limitations due to physical health (p = 0.004). No significant difference in SF-36 scores was seen in: Energy/Fatigue, General Health Perception, Personal or Emotional Problems, Role Limitations due to Emotional Well Being, Social Functioning, and Bodily Pain.


Two-stage, septic revision produces a poor functional outcome compared to aseptic revision; however, the overall impact of a septic revision emotionally and socially was not significantly different than patients undergoing aseptic revision.


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