, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 40-44
Date: 04 Dec 2008

Traumatic Bilateral Knee Dislocations, Unilateral Hip Dislocation, and Contralateral Humeral Amputation: A Case Report

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Bilateral traumatic knee dislocations are a rarity. We report a case of bilateral traumatic knee dislocations with concomitant right hip dislocation and complete traumatic amputation of the left, nondominant upper extremity at the level of the proximal one-third of the humerus. Angiograms revealed no evidence of popliteal artery injury. Orthopedic treatment consisted of immediate reduction of the dislocations and urgent revision amputation of the upper extremity. Staged, bilateral knee ligamentous reconstructions were performed on hospital days 24 and 29, respectively. Despite this constellation of devastating injuries, the patient had a satisfactory outcome. In patients with high-energy hip or knee dislocations, the bilateral hips and knees should be carefully examined to check for associated fractures and/or dislocations.