, Volume 40, Issue 1, pp 165-174

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On the Very Idea of Brandom’s Pragmatism

  • Tadeusz SzubkaAffiliated withPhilosophy Institute, Szczecin University Email author 


Although Brandom is critical of some features of narrowly conceived classical pragmatism, at the same time he explicitly embraces a version of pragmatism, both in his overall philosophical outlook, and in his philosophy of language. Brandom’s distinctive theoretical approach is based on what he calls rationalist pragmatism, which is a version of fundamental pragmatism. Within the philosophy of language it takes the form of semantic pragmatism. The paper briefly discusses Brandomian version of fundamental pragmatism and its semantic underpinning, and subsequently formulates a basic dilemma it encounters there.


Neo-pragmatism Rationalist pragmatism Fundamental pragmatism Semantic pragmatism Meaning Use Use specification Normativity Pragmatic expressive bootstrapping