, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp 123-126
Date: 27 Oct 2010

Is it possible to extrapolate results of aquatic microcosm and mesocosm experiments with pesticides between climate zones in Europe?

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Higher tier studies to assess the environmental risks of pesticides have been performed mainly in Atlantic Central Europe and North America and results of such studies have been extrapolated to other climatic regions such as South Europe (Ramos et al. 2000; López-Mancisidor et al. 2008a). Since climate (e.g., sun hours, rainfall, temperature), agroecosystems (e.g., crop rotation, field size), and edge-of-field surface waters (e.g., hydrology, ecology) in those regions are quite different, it may be expected that exposure profiles and effects of pesticides in surface waters are also different (Tarazona 2005; López-Mancisidor et al. 2008a). It may thus be questionable whether the extrapolation of results from higher tier studies over these regions is justified (Ramos et al. 2000; López-Mancisidor et al. 2008a). On the other hand, it is neither financially nor practically feasible to test a large number of chemicals on a large number of species and communities in different loc ...

Responsible editor: Markus Hecker