, Volume 18, Issue 2, pp 257-263
Date: 09 Aug 2013

Good quality sleep is associated with better academic performance among university students in Ethiopia

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This study assessed the association of sleep quality with academic performance among university students in Ethiopia.


This cross-sectional study of 2,173 college students (471 female and 1,672 male) was conducted in two universities in Ethiopia. Students were selected into the study using a multistage sampling procedure, and data were collected through a self-administered questionnaire. Sleep quality was assessed using Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, and academic performance was based on self-reported cumulative grade point average. The Student’s “t” test, analysis of variance, and multiple linear regression were used to evaluate associations.


We found that students with better sleep quality score achieved better on their academic performance (P value = 0.001), while sleep duration was not associated with academic performance in the final model.


Our study underscores the importance of sleep quality on better academic performance. Future studies need to identify the possible factors which influence sleep quality other than the academic environment repeatedly reported by other literature. It is imperative to design and implement appropriate interventions to improve sleep quality in light of the current body of evidence to enhance academic success in the study setting.