, Volume 100, Issue 2, pp 190-202
Date: 21 Dec 2011

Motion Coherent Tracking Using Multi-label MRF Optimization

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We present a novel off-line algorithm for target segmentation and tracking in video. In our approach, video data is represented by a multi-label Markov Random Field model, and segmentation is accomplished by finding the minimum energy label assignment. We propose a novel energy formulation which incorporates both segmentation and motion estimation in a single framework. Our energy functions enforce motion coherence both within and across frames. We utilize state-of-the-art methods to efficiently optimize over a large number of discrete labels. In addition, we introduce a new ground-truth dataset, called Georgia Tech Segmentation and Tracking Dataset (GT-SegTrack), for the evaluation of segmentation accuracy in video tracking. We compare our method with several recent on-line tracking algorithms and provide quantitative and qualitative performance comparisons.