, Volume 43, Issue 4, pp 507-527
Date: 23 Sep 2011

Non-Didactic, a Culture of Peace, and “Some Cat from Brazil”: A Case Study of Negotiating a Dialogic Curriculum with Incarcerated Girls

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HIPP Indy is a collaborative effort between the Indiana Department of Correction, the Peace Learning Center, and program facilitators in pursuit of implementing curriculum in peace education, conflict resolution, and self-efficacy with incarcerated, juvenile girls. The Center for Urban and Multicultural Education embarked on a program to partner a reservice teaching candidate with an urban social justice initiative in the hopes of reciprocal benefits for all involved. This study represents both qualitative data from multiple partners in designing and implementing the project, as well as the reflections of the participant-observer and co-author. The authors purport that listening to the stories of the diverse individuals involved in making the program possible offers an opportunity to understand curriculum in-the-making and the complexity of collaborative work. Revealed in this collaboration are new insights into the complexities of working with incarcerated students, attempts at creating a dialogic curriculum, and the ways in which academic discourse (i.e. Freirean praxis) gets translated into practical community-based, social justice work.