, Volume 77, Issue 3, pp 463-474
Date: 09 Oct 2008

Unsteady Natural Convection Flow in a Square Cavity Filled with a Porous Medium Due to Impulsive Change in Wall Temperature

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Unsteady natural convection flow in a two-dimensional square cavity filled with a porous material has been studied. The flow is initially steady where the left-hand vertical wall has temperature T h and the right-hand vertical wall is maintained at temperature T c (T h > T c) and the horizontal walls are insulated. At time t > 0, the left-hand vertical wall temperature is suddenly raised to \({{\bar{T}}_{\rm h}\,({\bar{T}}_{\rm h} > T_{\rm h})}\) which introduces unsteadiness in the flow field. The partial differential equations governing the unsteady natural convection flow have been solved numerically using a finite control volume method. The computation has been carried out until the final steady state is reached. It is found that the average Nusselt number attains a minimum during the transient period and that the time required to reach the final steady state is longer for low Rayleigh number and shorter for high Rayleigh number.