, Volume 99, Issue 1-3, pp 61-92
Date: 25 Aug 2011

Dynamic Logics of Evidence-Based Beliefs

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This paper adds evidence structure to standard models of belief, in the form of families of sets of worlds. We show how these more fine-grained models support natural actions of “evidence management”, ranging from update with external new information to internal rearrangement. We show how this perspective leads to new richer languages for existing neighborhood semantics for modal logic. Our main results are relative completeness theorems for the resulting dynamic logic of evidence.

Ryszard has been an inspirational leader in logical research and a major force in the organization of the field for decades. His influence is felt in many circles in many countries. It is an honour to contribute to this special issue of Studia Logica our article to him.
Special issue in honor of Ryszard Wójcicki on the occasion of his 80th birthday
Edited by J. Czelakowski, W. Dziobiak, and J. Malinowski
Dedicated to Professor Ryszard Wójcicki on the occasion of his 80th birthday