, Volume 25, Issue 5, pp 1321-1326
Date: 07 Aug 2014

Crystallography in Structural Chemistry


This anniversary article has three functions: It marks Volume 25 of our journal; it honors 2014, the International Year of Crystallography; and it celebrates the centennial from the birth of a great crystallographer, Aleksandr I. Kitaigorodskii.

Dedication This Editorial is dedicated to the memory of Aleksandr I. Kitaigorodskii (1914–1985). He was a unique thinker, an original scientist, and a versatile human being. He uncovered a general principle of how molecules build up crystal structures, and he predicted correctly the relative frequencies of occurence of the various space groups among crystal structures at the time when relatively few organic crystal structures had been yet determined. His teachings live on in his papers and monographs and in the scientific and pedagogical activities of his pupils and their pupils.