, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp 401-416
Date: 27 Jul 2007

Quality_Marriage Deployment in determining priority needs for initiating marriage loyalty

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Marriage life is an abstract and complex matter that even for husband and wife themselves find not as easy as they expect in achieving a long term marriage. The differences between spouses may lead to disabilities to see clearly their spouse needs. The disabilities may implicate to a bigger issue which is loyalty. In this study, the analysis have been carried out to determine priority needs in marriage for initiating loyalty. In using Quality Function (QFD) adaptations, we created “Quality_Marriage Deployment” by deploy the marriage in quality perspectives. As result, we succeed to identify 7 of 15 variables with the lowest performance value that make them as the priority needs. Based on the needs, we proposed some actions both in perspective of marriage and quality knowledge. Furthermore, the result shows Quality_Marriage Deployment matrix may generally easier for any user to read and know directly what variables need to be improved. Each solutions were presented to allow the users to act in a more efficient and effective in time and energy.