Photosynthesis Research

, Volume 116, Issue 2, pp 277-293

First online:

Chlorophyll d and Acaryochloris marina: current status

  • Patrick LoughlinAffiliated withSchool of Biological Sciences (A08), University of Sydney
  • , Yuankui LinAffiliated withSchool of Biological Sciences (A08), University of Sydney
  • , Min ChenAffiliated withSchool of Biological Sciences (A08), University of Sydney Email author 

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The discovery of the chlorophyll d-containing cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marina in 1996 precipitated a shift in our understanding of oxygenic photosynthesis. The presence of the red-shifted chlorophyll d in the reaction centre of the photosystems of Acaryochloris has opened up new avenues of research on photosystem energetics and challenged the unique status of chlorophyll a in oxygenic photosynthesis. In this review, we detail the chemistry and role of chlorophyll d in photosynthesis and summarise the unique adaptations that have allowed the proliferation of Acaryochloris in diverse ecological niches around the world.


Chlorophylls Chlorophyll d Acaryochloris marina Photosynthesis