Retraction statement

The article has been retracted by agreement between the authors and the editors. The reasons for retraction are twofold:
  1. 1

    First author Mr Kuijlen failed to inform Dr. Helfrich on the contents of the manuscript, on the fact it was submitted for publication, and that Dr. Helfrich was listed as an author.

  2. 2

    Only after online publication Dr. Helfrich became aware of this work in which he immediately detected mistakes in Mr Kuijlen’s assumptions and calculations.


All listed authors agree on the fact that the conclusion (also given in the title) about inactivity of the scFv425:sTRAIL fusion protein in vivo is unjustified. Therefore this publication should be ignored. Mr Kuijlen apologizes to all authors and to the editors and readership of the Journal of Neurooncology.

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