, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp 39-43
Date: 19 Sep 2010

Preparation of amino-modified titanate nanotubes and its striking adsorption ability to duplex DNA

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In this study, amino-modified titanate nanotubes (NH2-TNs) were prepared and used to adsorb duplex DNA. Macroscopic complexes between DNA and NH2-TNs were observed. The uptake of DNA by NH2-TNs was very fast; equilibrium was reached within 10 min at pH 3.6–5.0. The equilibrium capacity in the adsorption isotherm of NH2-TNs was 240 mg g−1, and further increase of the adsorption capacity was obtained with the addition of Ca2+ in solution. The adsorbed DNA could be released with phosphate buffer saline (PBS) solution without damage of the DNA strands. NH2-TNs could protect DNA from cleavage efficiently in the presence of DNase I.